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If A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Words, What’s The Worth Of A Picture Shared Across Your Employees’ Social Networks?






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If You Photograph Them,
They Will Post Post Them






Fotos4Hope photographed 
Kim at work 


Kim shared the photos
on her social media




Kim’s social friends saw
her Candid@Work photos



Kim’s friends visited your
website or your store






Kim’s Disclaimer – She takes no responsibility for some of her crazy & wild friends

Money Back

Money Back Guarantee

We’re so sure about the impact that the Candid@Work photos will have on your business that we are offering a guarantee. If you’re not happy with the value that the Candid@Work photos provides your business, just call us up and you’ll get your money back. 

umbrellsa Triple Photo Protection

We reduce the risk of a bad or inappropriate photo hurting your business with our Tripe Photo Protection. 

1) Our Ambassadors are trained not to photograph offensive tattoos, hand gestures, or poses.

2) Our team reviews them and removes any inappropriate photos.

3) You have a chance to review your employee’s photos before they are shared.


spcial$100 Special

Let our ambassadors capture your employees’ Candid@Work photos for only $100.  This offer includes photographing up to ten employees

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