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Fotos4Hope is creating a prestigious, distinguished organization composed of global philanthropist photographers. Fotos4Hope certification & sponsorship process creates an exclusive and distinguished group of photographers within the photography community.

Fotos4Hope is not about the numbers of photographers, it’s about quality. We’ve developed a twelve step process to protect our organization’s reputation & credibility.

Fotos4Hope Ambassadorship is by membership or sponsorship. There are three sponsorship opportunities available; sponsored by Fotos4Hope, self-sponsored, or company sponsored. Sponsorship starts at $500.  Sponsorship includes professional head shot, @work and pet photography training. The $250 membership only includes the Fotos4Hope marketing kit. 

certifiedF4hWhat must I do to maintain my Ambassadorship?

  • Ambassadors agree to do @ least 2 hours a month public Fotos4Hope photography
  • Agree to give 10% of your profits from any business that Fotos4Hope refers to you
  • Agree to photograph one community event per year
  • Abide by our policies and procedures
The First Step is to apply online:  Fotos4Hope Online Application




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