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equalheartThats right, everyone at our company gets paid the same hourly amount, including the people who help contribute their time to make Fotos4Hope operate. As stated, our company operates on 10% of donations.

Here’s our formula that we use to figure out the hourly wage per month:

We take 10% of what comes in. This is called  Total Income.
We add up the expenses; like, utilities, rent, marketing, and hosting expenses. This is the Total Expenses.
We subtract Total Expenses from Total Income to get Distributable Income(DI)
Next, we add all the hours people** helped with Fotos4Hope, this is called Total Hours(TH).
We then simply dived DI by TH to get equally hourly wage (EHW).

Let’s say F4H makes $1,000,000 in March.
That would give us $100,000 for Total Income.
Let’s assume our Total Expenses for March are  $20,000.
That would give us $80,000 Distributable Income.
Total Hours for the month was 800 hours.
Distributed Hourly Wage would be $100 an hour.

The DJ who contributed four hours of his time would get $400.
The person who put in three  hours to write the Press Releases for Fotos4Hope would get $300.
Our full time SEO person who put worked 100 hours would make $10,000

Why use Equally Hourly Wage? This allows people to contribute their time and talents to Fotos4Hope while maintaining their current jobs. This allows us to operate the company more efficiently and effectively. Did you know? It only took 40 employees working at Craigslist to make $240Million last year. If Craigslist gave out 90% of the $240 million and used our formula every employee would receive $600,000 a year salary.

**this does not include volunteers, hired contractors, or F4H photographers. This only includes people F4H has agreed to work with on our team and have agreed to work within the parameters of our time tracking tool.
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