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Mala was born and raised in  South Africa.  She grew up during apartheid. She was fortunate to finally see her country become free from this awful oppression.  Her heart goes out to help women, children and families in need. Before she moved to the USA almost two decades ago, she was part of  helping South African orphanages and  feeding poverty  stricken families. Mala  served on a ship called the Doulos that  traveled around South  Africa helping people  in need. She also witnessed first hand children  starving to death. She witnessed  first hand the damaging blow that poverty has on  a community and a country. She made it her life mission to serve & help the less fortunate. 

After she received a degree in South Africa, she moved to the USA where she continued her studies at an American university in the field of Psychology.  A few years later, she met her husband Paul and they were married. Together they moved to the island of Mauritius where Mala continued helping people. With the help of two other people, she started a food kitchen to feed Mauritians. After a three year stint on the island, Mala and her husband moved back to the U.S.A. where they had their second child.

Eight year ago, Mala co-founded a mobile pet photography business with her husband. Since then, the business has grown to become the  largest mobile pet studio business in the USA. The mobile pet studio has traveled to twenty five states and has successfully photographed thousands of pets. Petclix has been featured on CBS News, features several times in  newspapers and on put on the  radio multiple times. Click To See CBS Story

Fotos4Hope combines every vision and aspiration Mala has into one compassionate company. That is, to provide hope & help to needy people around the world. Fotos4Hope mission statement is simply seven words – “Providing Hope One Foto @ A Time.

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