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Why does Fotos4Hope exist?
We are an organization the solely exists to help people in need in the USA & the world.

Who does Fotos4Hope support?
Fotos4Hope is on a mission to help the 21,000 people that die each day from starvation, the 1.8 million people who die every year from contaminated water and the 2 million children that are exploited every year in global human trafficking. And help provide education to children in poverty stricken countries.

How does Fotos4Hope plan to achieve its mission?
Fotos4Hope will achieve its’ mission by combining technology & photography & philanthropy. Fotos4Hope will raise funds for charities through business photography services, community photography donations, and auctioned photographs.

Can I expand my photography business and earn additional income as a Fotos4Hope Ambassador?
There are seven ways that a Fotos4Hope Ambassador can expand their photography business and generate additional revenue.

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